Women in Business Today

Women in Business Today (WIBT) are dedicated to the transformation and sustainability of both the current and future South African workforce. We assist companies in meeting their spend requirements towards the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) codes and obtaining their future workforce.

In conjunction with Networx for Career Development, we offer a Work Readiness Programme that gives graduates the opportunity to gain employability skills and provide organisations with a recruitment strategy for entry-level positions. The programme addresses graduate unemployment, by enhancing employability through bridging the gap between studies and the work environment, so that graduates are better equipped for future employment.

Our sustainable development initiatives assist companies of all sizes to ensure that they obtain B-BBEE points whilst adding value to their business and enriching the lives of South Africans. These initiatives include board-based simulations that use discovery learning methodology and offer a practical experience to all delegates that participate in the training.


WIBT was established in 2015 with the objective of empowering existing female employees of the Business Today group. By leveraging off the 35 years of simulation training experience that the Business Today Group has amassed, WIBT has the necessary skills and competencies to take your company forward.

Utilising discovery learning technologies, WIBT significantly improve the performance of people and organisations. Our sustainable development initiatives focus on Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD), the development of women, youth and communities (SED), Skills Development (SD) and the development of graduates (Work Readiness).

WIBT strives to be recognised as a training provider that enriches the lives of South Africans, addresses inequality gaps by providing opportunities and skills to the previously disadvantaged. Our mission is to leave a legacy that creates a positive and vibrant footprint for the future generations of South Africa.

B-BBEE Status

Women in Business Today is a proudly South African company that is a 51% Black Women owned and B-BBEE Level 2 Contributor

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Accredited Training Provider

Women in Business Today is an Accredited Services SETA training provider.

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Our Partners

Our Sustainability Offerings

Through our devotion to the development of South African youth and the previously disadvantaged, we build an individual’s personality and work-related skills to create work ready individuals and up-skilled enterprises and suppliers. Furthermore, we offer graduates the opportunity to gain employability skills.

  Work Readiness Programme

  The programme was eye-opening. It allowed me to think about the work environment and to see myself there. It taught me how important decision-making is.  
- Work Readiness Programme Delegate -

Work Readiness Programme

WIBT, in partnership with Networx for Career Development, currently offer Work Readiness Programmes (WRP) that are aimed at companies who currently or in the future have a necessity for entry-level positions. The WRP aims to prepare graduates to be ‘work ready’ individuals by developing their employability skills over a 6 month period through various training, mentoring and coaching sessions.

Our WRP includes a practical component, a board-based simulation that is unique in comparison to similar programmes. Our board-based simulation allows graduates to manage a realistic business, in competition with other teams, to discover how and why everyday business decisions shape the financial results of a business.

 Delegate Quotes

"It taught me the importance of working as a team to help achieve better and more effective results." - Sanele

"The simulation was valuable. Having to make decisions which encouraged team work, decision making and communication." - Sheilah

"The theoretical knowledge which was coupled with the practical activity with the board game ensures that you actually learn and remember, as opposed to reading and forgetting" - Thando

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  Running My Farm Today

  I came in with very little knowledge of the farming business. Every part of the programme was highly valuable.  
- Running My Farm Today Delegate -

Enterprise and Supplier Development

As one of the priority codes of the B-BBEE legislation, leveraging Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) opportunities will not only assist with compliance in enterprise and supplier development but will also take your business to the next level of strategic and competitive advantage. As our board-based simulations create a workable business model for those enterprises and suppliers who you choose to develop.

Running My Farm Today

Running My Farm Today is a board-based simulation that is aimed at increasing the performance of farms. These farms may form part of your existing value chain (suppliers) or enterprises that have future growth potential.

Delegates are given the opportunity to understand their role in their business, and the levers they can pull in order to make your value chain more successful. By raising business and financial acumen, coupled with an understanding of the market and industry, farm workers are equipped with the tools to make informed decisions that impact the financial performance of their business.

The improvement of a farmer's problem-solving skills results in the sustainable enhancement of both individual and the overall company performance.

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Running My Tavern Today

Running My Tavern Today is a board-based simulation that is aimed at increasing the performance of taverns. These taverns may form part of your existing value chain or enterprises that have future growth potential.

Delegates learn the significance of sufficient stock control and the necessity of developing and maintaining good supplier relationships. They understand the importance of retaining existing customers and attracting new customers, through good service, stock availability and competitive pricing, upgraded facilities and comfortability of premises (neatness/cleanliness).

Most importantly, these taverns recognise the legal requirements associated with operating a tavern and the implications of noncompliance.

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Business Acumen Today

Business Acumen Today is a board-based simulation that is aimed at increasing the performance of your suppliers within your existing value chain or enterprises that have future growth potential.

This learning initiative simulates the value chain and operational decisions of a sales orientated business.

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Business Today Essentials

This learning intervention is aimed at improving the performance of your suppliers or enterprises that have future potential to grow their operations within your existing value chain.
This board-based simulation is designed to demonstrate the value chain of a manufacturing business and the operational decisions that are taken.

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  My Future Today

  It gave me a wakeup call and I feel that from today I will start using my time and resources around me more efficiently because they are valuable in life and if you want to be successful.  
- My Future Today Delegate -

Socio-Economic Development

Women in Business Today offers a variety of Socio-Economic Development (SED) initiatives that are dedicated to positively influencing the future of youth in South Africa. We provide your business with a strategic and competitive advantage, by leveraging your company’s social investment spend, to ensure compliance with the SED portion of the B-BBEE legislation.

Our board-based simulations use discovery learning methodology to provide opportunities for underprivileged youngsters and the schools they attend. Therefore, your company will be investing in a sustainable legacy for South Africa through youth development

My FutureToday

My Future Today is a board-based simulation that exposes youth not only to conventional career paths but also the option of pursuing an entrepreneurial start-up.

The combination of experiencing the simulation and completing Brainwaves career guidance workbooks offers youth a comprehensive understanding of the choices available to them after the completion of High School. These self-discovery activities, allows youngsters to gain the necessary knowledge and decision-making skills to best maximise their personal attributes and skills set to choose a rewarding career path.

Many career programmes guide youngsters on the Academic steps they need to take (available qualifications and where to attend), however, My Future Today offers guidance to budding entrepreneurs who wish to take this alternative route to employment. Youngsters who have entrepreneurial ‘zeal’ are guided on the entrepreneurial options available to find out if they would like to pursue a future as an entrepreneur. Often entrepreneurs are forced into this career path because as a necessity for a lack of work available. My Future Today helps identify youngsters that passionately want to become “heart” entrepreneurs and actively develop the skills of these youngsters to ultimately add to sustaining South Africa.

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Improving My School Today

Improving My School Today educates school governing bodies on their role and function as a governing body.

By experiencing this board-based simulation, governing bodies identify how their decisions affect how the school is run, and how these have a direct consequence on the success of their school and the standard of education they offer.

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Skills Development

In partnership with Networx for Career Development, WIBT offer SETA accredited short skills courses/learnerships, whereby selected unit standards are practically experienced through simulated exercises that are facilitated using a board-based simulation.

Learners receive an Achievement Certificate as recognition for competently completing unit standards.

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